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Ignite Podcast – Episode 16 – Paul-Henry Boudet and Jonathan Lemish – meetric – What Is Your Velocity of Task Completion

Episode Summary

Quote: “Do you want the money, security and the common life path, or to take a risk and just go for it?”

In this episode of the Ignite podcast, Michael Waitze is joined by both Paul-Henry Boudet and Jonathan Lemish, the two co-founders of Meetric, a tool to record, share and search any new tasks and actions decided in meetings. As a productivity tool, Meetric mitigates the extra work and wasted time along with poor collaboration to ensure the success and completion of any tasks and goals related to meetings.

They discussed the origins and development of Meetric, how their two paths collided, speed dating for business and the challenges they have faced in the process of changing user behaviours with their innovative solutions. 

Speed dating for business

“Meetric came very organically halfway through the event,” revealed Paul. 

 Although they had originally begun their careers on incredibly different paths, Paul as a software engineer and Jonathan as a businesses analysis and project manager, through chance and luck their paths collided at an accelerator program back in Sydney called Antler. 

Throughout the course of the event, Paul and Jonathan discussed their goals and what a working relationship between them would look like, and after a few weeks of fleshing out problems and validating their ideas, Meetric was born. 

“We’re kind of the poster child for Antler,” laughed Jonathan. He revealed that they not only did not know each other prior to the program, but they both didn’t have any idea on what they wanted to work on. Infact, he revealed that everything came together organically through the design sprints and the program itself.

They then further discussed their experiences working together and what it’s like to be in a cofounder relationship, taking that initial leap of faith and their own goals and motivations that lead them to where they are now. 

Manufacturing Meetric

“We want to build a product people love, and to do that you have to listen to your users,” explained Jonathan. 

One of the main problems everyone faces regardless of  the industry they are in, is the inefficiency of time management during meetings. The small loss of productivity during meetings can eventually lead to more significant problems in other areas down the line, and that’s what Meetric is here to alleviate. 

“The problem we’re trying to solve is getting lost. We try to solve that problem by providing a stand alone web application that integrates with your calendar but also syncs with your other productivity tools,” said Jonathan. 

They further elaborated on their strong vision for Meetric and the product’s backlog and plan to match and the importance of feedback from users.

Challenge of changing behaviours  

“We want to make the transition as frictionless as possible,” they said. 

Changing someone’s behaviours can be incredibly challenging, especially if they’ve been doing things a certain way all their life. To change a certain behaviour, the person must make a conscious decision and effort to do so, which is easier said than done. 

Paul and Jonathan revealed the challenges they faced along the way  in their efforts to get people to see value in their tool, and revealed the value of creating an opinionated innovative solution. They discussed how creating an opinionated solution is inherently better and how they have crafted their digital product around that approach. 

To learn more about both Paul-Henry Boudet and Jonathan Lemish’s journey from their initial meet-up to how they’ve overcome their obstacles, listen to this episode of the Ignite podcast today. 


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