Our Programs

We have two programs to supercharge your startup depending on how far you are in your development cycle.

Our Programs

Ignite your Idea with MCP

You are an early stage startup. But you need Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and first clients to get the funding. That’s why we created this innovative program.

Scale Up Your Business

You are an early-stage startup, but not so early that you have not already built your product with some initial traction. You can see the product working and the revenue coming in, but you need to add some fuel to your fire. We have the resources and experience to help you scale up and get you ready for your next round of funding to make this happen. Join our ScaleUp program
Our Programs

Whether you are Igniting or Scaling Up, Morphosis Capital Partners
can help early – stage startups successfully develop, validate and fund their vision using MCP’s Marketing,
Development, Consulting and Media services. Let’s build something awesome together!

World-class financial modeling and business building ecosystem

We have built businesses all over the world. We understand how to model businesses from a structural and financial standpoint. Combined our team has an incomparable track record with decades of business building experience. If you can conceive it, we can model it.

Product Development, Designers and Developers

We have designed, built and implemented sophisticated applications and digital software solutions for some of the most well-known corporates in Asia. Our teams can help you through the entire process of digital transformation from design to execution.

Public Relations and Media with a Global Reach

We have built a global media and advertising network that can inform the world about your next great idea. We know how to leverage our media to get your message out in a way that is unprecedented.

Founders Helping Founders

We do not just help you build your company. We have built our own companies as well. We have also had multi-million dollar exits. We have also helped fund some of the largest startups in Asia.

MCP’s Roadmap for Your Startup

Do you have a team? We help you understand what is necessary and also evaluate the team you have already built. We know (and we mean really know!) that the team that you build is the most important ingredient in the success of any business.

To ensure that your business idea is commercially viable, we do the hard work and research the market, potential and scalability.

Based on our evaluation of your team and a deep understanding of your business model, we will decide whether or not to make the investment in time and resources to help ignite your business.

The real validation can only come from the market. If you don't have the MVP, we'll provide the developers to make the product, get it on the market and see if your customers care.

We have a powerful network of potential clients and advertising partners for your product. As we build out your MVP, we can also help you get your first clients onto your platform. This is key to ensure that the product or service you are building is something that your prospective clients need and want.

We have an unparalleled network of Venture Capitalists and investors ranging from private to corporate, that can help fund your growth. When you develop your product/market fit, we can help you fund your future.